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Affiliated by Central Council, Indian Medicines, AYUSH, Govt. of India, New Delhi, M.U.H.S., Nashik, Maharashtra) (Approved by Central Council of Indian Medicine, New Delhi., Affiliated to Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik)
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Kriya Sharir
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Kriya Sharir -
Welcome to KriyaSharir Department
Introduction of KriyaSharir Department
Kriyasharir department is a basic department of first year B.A.M.S. course.
Kriyasharir department deals the study of normal function of body (deha) Discourse of natural knowledge mean KriyaSharir, Dosha, Dhatu, Mala is a basic component of kriyasharir. The different aspect of Ayurvedic and modern physiology will teach the student in the department one professor and lecturer are working in the department as per norms. AIM To create good knowledge regarding subject.
1.Importance of Ayurvedic Physiology (KriyaSharir basic concept)
2. Importance of Modern Physiology and its correlation with KriyaSharir.
3. To create scientific approach and make them eligible to good clinical practice principal.
Departmental Features.
• Well furnished and specious department with models, charts, specimens.
• Well equipped laboratory with all chemicals, equipment’s.
• Computer facility, LCD projector.
• Departmental Library
• Teachers participated National / International Seminar
To create awareness in common regarding man prakrutiparikshana and its importance in healthy life.
Our mission is to highlight basic concept of AyurvedicKriyaShgarir on Modern Parameters.
No. Books – 105
No. Charts – 114
No. Microscope – 19
With all equipment, chemicals.
About Us :
In our Ayurvedic Medical College, We provide best possible Ayurved education to students and in Dhanwantari Hospital we take care and treat the patients in stipulated time with proper medicine.
Address :
Near Holy Mother English School, PethVadgaon,
Tal- Hatkanangle, Dist- Kolhapur, Maharashtra,
Pin code – 416112.
Phone No : 0230-2471018, Fax No. : 0230-2472719
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