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Affiliated by Central Council, Indian Medicines, AYUSH, Govt. of India, New Delhi, M.U.H.S., Nashik, Maharashtra) (Approved by Central Council of Indian Medicine, New Delhi., Affiliated to Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik)
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Rachana Sharir
Kriya Sharir
Dravyaguna Vidghyan
Rasashatra & B. Kalpana
Prasuti Tantra & Strirog
Shalya Tantra
Shalakya Tantra
Rasashatra & B. Kalpana –
Welcome to Rasashastra department Rasshastra & Bhaisajyakalpana is the subject for second year as per syllabus of B.A.M.S. 1styear .It with the formulating & preparing ayurvedic medicines For easy understanding of such complicated subject we have well educated staff extensive departmental library and well equipped laboratory In the departmental library we have 80 books for different aspect of this subject .Easy learning is also made possible with the help of 95 informative charts and 37 models of old but useful instruments which were used thousands of year ago.We also have departmental museum with 136 specimen of the raw and finished drugs for the observation of students. Department is also equipped with all old and modern instruments required for preparation of ayurvedic medicines like mortar & pestle ,pulverizer , Soxhlet apparatus heating instruments etc. In this department 62 different types of drugs are also prepared as per demands of Dhanvantari hospital . Ayurvedic churna, medicated ghee -oils, Rasakalpa, some bharmas are prepared in this department

I. Department Faculties -
    1) Dr Shilpa Sawarkar-HOD
    2) Dr. Mrunali Patil
2. Department Staff –
    1) Shivaji Desai
About Us :
In our Ayurvedic Medical College, We provide best possible Ayurved education to students and in Dhanwantari Hospital we take care and treat the patients in stipulated time with proper medicine.
Address :
Near Holy Mother English School, PethVadgaon,
Tal- Hatkanangle, Dist- Kolhapur, Maharashtra,
Pin code – 416112.
Phone No : 0230-2471018, Fax No. : 0230-2472719
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