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Affiliated by Central Council, Indian Medicines, AYUSH, Govt. of India, New Delhi, M.U.H.S., Nashik, Maharashtra) (Approved by Central Council of Indian Medicine, New Delhi., Affiliated to Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik)
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Kaumarbhritya –
Introduction –
As god Agni is eminent amongst Various god’s Similarly amongst eight Specialties of Ayurveda Kaumarbhritya is said to be the fare most Kaumarbhritya department include following facilities
1. Inpatient Management
2. Outpatient Management
3. Vaccination
4. Suvarnaprashan
5. Diet Management
6. Well equped kaumarbhritya department
Mission of Kaumarbhritya Department
It focus on all aspects of Nursing and Healthy Upbringing of Kaumarbhritya department It Focus on all aspects of Nursing and health upbringing of Newborn Infants and children’s by approach for better progeny society
* Goals and objectives of kaumarbhritya Department
1. To Impart Complete theoretical clinical and practical knowledge to the students of kaumarbhritya
2. to as a part of national immunization programme with Ayurvedica immure boosters
3. Conduct camps and health awareness programme with objective importing knowledge of basic ayurveda among the School going children parents and society
4. to systemize Ayurvedic pediatric medication treatment protocols Drug doses, drug forms panchakarma nutrition, growth & Development
5. To Strengthen Ayurvedic pediatric literature
Kaumarbhritya departments includes indiudual library, various Charts of disease, kalpas different models, Vaccines and commonly Used instrument in Pediatric Practice. Different Seminars are arraged on Various Pediatric related topics
About Us :
In our Ayurvedic Medical College, We provide best possible Ayurved education to students and in Dhanwantari Hospital we take care and treat the patients in stipulated time with proper medicine.
Address :
Near Holy Mother English School, PethVadgaon,
Tal- Hatkanangle, Dist- Kolhapur, Maharashtra,
Pin code – 416112.
Phone No : 0230-2471018, Fax No. : 0230-2472719
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